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2 issues per year (July - December)

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There is no submission and publication fees

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English, Turkish

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Double Blind Peer Review


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Tourist Destination (TD) is an international double-blind peer-reviewed journal established in 2023. By publishing scientific papers on the topics covered by the journal, it aims to contribute to scientific knowledge and to address society by revealing many managerial and insightful benefits. This journal, which values both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, aims to disseminate information completely open access and free of charge. The journal welcomes research that explores one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organizational, marketing, management or environmental aspects of the research area covered. TD publishes papers such as original research papers, literature review papers, theoretical studies, systematic reviews and research notes. In this way, it aims to become a prestigious periodical by supporting the dissemination of accurate, reliable, accessible and high impact knowledge.


Tourist destinations are an integrated bouquet of tourism products. However, in many respects, they are very complex structures that can only survive through the optimum management and marketing of complex relationships. The importance of the tourism industry is increasingly recognized and tourist destinations need to be handled successfully in order to realize successful tourism activities. In this context, the importance of scientific knowledge production for tourist destinations is increasing day by day. TD has undertaken to publish papers in this highly specific area of research. In this context, we accept papers on (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Tourist destination management,
  • Tourist destination marketing,
  • Tourist destination development,
  • Tourist behavior in terms of tourist destinations,
  • Policy development from a tourist destination perspective,
  • Local people and tourism studies,
  • Tourism education at the tourist destination level,
  • Tourist destinations and technology issues,
  • Smart Tourist destination,
  • Tourist destinations and entrepreneurship,
  • Tourist destinations and sustainability,
  • Tourist destinations and planning,
  • Future trends and forecasts for tourist destinations,
  • Tourist destinations and culture,
  • Methodological approaches in tourist destination research, etc.